of the COBIOM Impact Platform

The framework is the

Social contract and guidebook

The framework is the

of the global COBIOM Swarm, the new way to do business together with mutual benefits from sharing and collaborating for the good of people and planet. By signing up to the platform and accepting the Terms of Service you agreed with this framework and vowed to obey the rules of the community for the benefit of all members.

The Swarm and the commons

Who we are

The COBIOM Swarm is a network in the true sense of the word, an ecosystem that provides conditions in which cooperation can grow, individuals can develop and ideas ripen to economically viable solutions that have impact for a better world for people and planet. We see knowledge and information as an abundant source, the commons for humanity to grow in the nascent Age of Wisdom.

The Manifesto of the COBIOM Swarm

I) Our vision is a society that exists in a harmonic, mutually beneficial relationship between humanity and nature. We do this by educating thought leaders that inspire and empower people to take responsible and conscious actions to smoothly transform society into an aware and meaningful part of this world.

II) All our work and activities are defined and directed by the values we strive to establish in society, companies and organisations. Our success is measured against these hallmarks and every action towards the outside of the agency has to be in alignment with them. The highest quality in all processes and products we deliver, is key to our success.

III) We believe in our ability and trust in our potential impact to work towards this goal as a community based on mutual trust and reliability according to the values of the coworking manifesto: collaboration over competition; community over agendas; participation over observation; doing over saying; friendship over formality; boldness over assurance; learning over expertise; people over personalities; value ecosystem over value chain.

IV) All our actions are driven by the desire to achieve a sustainable existence, be it ecologically, economically, or personally. Thus, we value individual needs, personalities, diversity and exchange as the highest human goods where they are in accordance with a sustainable state of the comprising system. Health and well being of every member, as well as the balance of life and work desired and required by every participant, is the goal of the internal work.

V) Monetary value obtained by the work of the network shall be distributed fairly. Data acquisition, storage, application and change is transparent and debatable. Additional payments and agreements have to be documented and made fully accountable.

VI) Everybody acting in the name of the network is accountable for their own actions and those of every other member. With freedom and ownership comes responsibility. Everybody is responsible for reputation, legal integrity, and data security of the network. The guidelines of our security and privacy policy are part of this manifesto.

The framework is the

COBIOM Swarm Framework
as of 1 Jan 2021